The Eclipse!

What a stunning event!  We are so lucky to live here and then to have a total eclipse!  I am also lucky because I continue to avoid thoughts and beliefs set in concrete. 

     Like many I originally succumbed to the worry that the number of people and possible problems were going to be a real pain. But in talking with friends the “grumpy old man attitude” didn’t feel right.  Fortunately, I started thinking about who was coming instead of how many.  I realized that they would tend to be well educated, they would be making a meaningful effort to come to a science infused experience, and had to plan prior to the event.  I came around to the fact that “These are my people”. When an Idaho friend mentioned there would be a hippie element involved that just made me repeat “These are my people”!
      As No Trespassing signs were going up elsewhere, I mowed an area adjacent to Antelope Flats Road and bought makings for a couple of gallons of Mimosas.  By Monday morning when the Park appeared with “Private Drive No Parking” signs and a road candle I sent them away preferring to allow people to park in front of the gate. 
     Glenn from Denver was the first to appear with his extended family, he is an ambulatory surgeon and brought a “Sunspotter” (mirrored viewing device for sunspots) which became a focal point for all.  Tom, a prior Jackson resident, Randy and George from Oregon were followed by the French couple, all welcomed into the “yard”.  A nice couple from Salt Lake joined with their two kids who were supposed to start school that day but had better ideas.
Fred from Germany, Tom and his wife from Star Valley joined as well , Nesley  Corona, her aunt and uncle stopped on the way to Casper for her first day of college.  Yea, she spoke at commencement, first in her family to go to college, finished high school in three years, I was honored to have her with us.
       You saw the crescents, the shadows and were wowed by the totality, so was I. 
     Like you I was also amazed by how quickly after totality people left.  On his way out George gave me a self -published book and thanked me for sharing.  A couple of days after my own guests headed home I had a moment to read the story and focus on the inscription.  “Thanks for Sharing the eclipse 2017. You are on the bus, George Walker”. Found George in Wikipedia, when one of the original Merry Pranksters tells you ‘you are on the bus” It’s pretty damn cool.
     An open mind and an open heart are wonderful things.

 While the numbers of visitors were lower than estimated, those who did come had to wait in traffic hours to get out of the valley, and had traffic all the way home. From all the people I have spoken with, it was well worth it!


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