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Life on Antelope Flats

Wow,Mid August already!  Where did summer go?  Our late wet cool Spring led into an intensely green and luscious Summer of wildflowers.  I noticed this past week that the valley floor is drying out.   The Death Canyon trail sure had a show for us last week.  I suspect (and hope to confirm in person soon) that the other canyons have beautiful wildflowers and lush vegetation.  As the snow line recedes....walking up the mountains takes us back in time. We are preparing for our second annual camping trip and anticipating cool temps and rain.  (As is often the case)  Lyle is moving in the flower baskets for the next two nights of 31 degree temps.  I don't think it got over 65 today, and it isn't supposed to again until Tuesday.  But then things will warm up again.  We're all promising eachother we'll have a beautiful Fall full of warm "Indian Summer Days". The Bison are moving South, a few anxious elk are beginning to bugle, and the humming birds are back in force t…