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A long warm Fall in the Tetons

I guess the cold late Spring was worth it, for we have had a lovely long warm Fall. The Bison are in Kelly now, poised to make the trip to the elk refuge the first sign of winter. The pronghorn are still about on the flats, and some deer and elk. The kids are back in school, and enjoying their classes and friends. Both had new classrooms and teachers this year, and are adjusting well. We had a great trip to San Francisco the first weekend in October. The Exploratorium, de Young museum, Academy of Science, The Bay Model, and much walking the city in between. We are back in the log cabin, working on getting the tipi's, bikes, trampoline, etc etc, put away before the weather changes. I am enjoying the newly remodeled bathroom, and the space seems palatial after the studio. We're pretty full for next summer already. We have some early June weeks, August 27- Sept 9 in the log cabin, and Sept 24- October in the West Cabin. Please excuse our website state, it is on the list fo…