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Costa Rica Anyone?

We are just home from a visit with dear friends in Bozeman Montana.  They raised their daughters in Costa Rica, and still have their house there.  They rent it out to visitors, so I thought I would share the link.  All reports say it is amazing.  I am hoping we can get down there in the near future! Check it out!

Costa Ricas Favorite Family Destination

Fall turns to winter

Summer flew by and there is snow on the ground again!  We have been so lucky with our weather these last 6 months.  The summer was lovely, with enough showers to keep things green into August! We had an incredibly long and temperate Fall that lasted into November--unheard of here in the Tetons.  I am ready for snow now.  Easy for me to say, as Lyle has gotten the wood split and stacked by the back of the cabin. Here are a couple pictures from the Fall.

 These last two are by Lexi!