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Today when I took the pups for a walk I thought I could feel the valley breathe a sigh of relief.  September is here and the frenzy of summer is over for another year.  What a great summer it was though!

I admit to looking forward to the Fall just around the corner while enjoying the beautiful weather we are having now!  The West Cabin is available for rent the month of October this year.  Let us know if you are interested!

The Eclipse!

What a stunning event!  We are so lucky to live here and then to have a total eclipse!  I am also lucky because I continue to avoid thoughts and beliefs set in concrete. 

     Like many I originally succumbed to the worry that the number of people and possible problems were going to be a real pain. But in talking with friends the “grumpy old man attitude” didn’t feel right. Fortunately,I started thinking about who was coming instead of how many.  I realized that they would tend to be well educated, they would be making a meaningful effort to come to a science infused experience, and had to plan prior to the event.  I came around to the fact that “These are my people”. When an Idaho friend mentioned there would be a hippie element involved that just made me repeat “These are my people”!       As No Trespassing signs were going up elsewhere, I mowed an area adjacent to Antelope Flats Road and bought makings for a couple of gallons of Mimosas.  By Monday morning when the Park appeared w…