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It seems like it was just yesterday that the grass turned green and the bison returned to graze in the yard!  We had a beautiful summer, warm and sunny almost everyday.  While this was not great for fire danger, it allowed for many days on String, Leigh and Jackson Lakes, as well as many hikes in the Tetons. As always, the view from our deck is one of our favorites.  Now Fall has arrived, and we are back in the Log Cabin getting ready for winter.  The days have remained beautiful, cooling off to the 30s at night.
Lyle is busy doing some maintenance on the cabin, and just finished this lovely patio walkway.  I will have to fill the patio space with firewood shortly, but am enjoying the sunny lunch spot until then.
We have guests in the West Cabin into October, but the tipi dwellers are gone for the season. Just one last tipi to take down before it snows, but doesn't it look lovely against those yellow cottonwoods!
We'll be setting up the West Cabin for winter rentals in Novemb…