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Last Chance for 2011 rates

It has been many years since we raised our rates, and are finding we are under the average in our category. Beginning November 1st 2011 our rates will be $320 plus tax per night. If you book before November 1st we will grandfather you in to the 2011 rates for one more year.Thanks for understanding and we look forward to hearing from you! Amy & Lyle

October in the West Cabin

We are able to offer the West Cabin for rent during October this year. While the leaves will not last too much longer, the weather is usually nice through the middle of the month, and the valley is quiet and peaceful. Even when the weather is cool and wet, the West Cabin is a beautiful space to relax, read, write or just recharge. Please contact us if you are interested in a long weekend or more this Fall. We are considering opening it for the month of December as well at the request of a couple summer guests.
As you can see we have been blessed with a late Fall. By now the leaves are often off the trees. We are making the most of it with both cabin projects and hikes in the Tetons. Amy went up Open Canyon yesterday and found a beautiful field of lupine and paintbrush at almost 9000 feet!But the nights and mornings are chilly, so we are out of the tipis now. The Log Cabin sure feels palatial when we move back in the fall.
It was a wonderful and busy summer. We enjoyed seeing all our old friends return, and meeting some new ones. Sunshine is missing the activity now, and sometimes straying from home in search of a willing arm!