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Additional Pictures

We often have people ask for further pictures of the cabins and we will continue to try to provide them. The  West Cabin Living space.  The picture is taken from the sliding door that goes out on to the large wrap around deck.  It is the other side of the room pictured on the web site with the table and built in bench.  A very bright and comfortable space. Log Cabin library.  This is the other half of the large living space in the cabin.  On my left as I take the picture is the dining room table. This is the West Cabin guest bedroom.  The master bedroom is very similar, though a little larger and there is a window above the pillows as well as the West wall.  Both these rooms have Teton views from the pillow!
I hardly think this picture is worth publishing, but... This is the Log Cabin bedroom.  It has a wonderful West facing picture window with Teton views as well as a window to the North. The guest bedroom is smaller with twin beds and a little closet.  It has a East facing picture …