Summer 2019

After a long winter and another epic February we have made it to Summer at last!  Spring lasted into mid to late June, keeping the air temperatures cool and the days wet.  We woke up to 3 inches of new snow on our tipis June 9th! I guess we should be pleased for the moisture, everything is still very green and beautiful as we make our way through the second half of July.
It is great to have both girls home for the summer. Both will go to College in late August, so we are trying to play as much as we can before they leave and summer ends. It has gotten us in the park a lot already. It can get crowded, but the same rule seems to apply.  If you start before 9:30 and get away from parking lots and roads, it is much quieter. What a gift to have so much beautiful terrain and amazing wildlife just steps from the cabins!

We are working on a new website with more pictures and have a new video to share. Check it out!

McReynolds Blacktail Cabins Summer video

We have had a couple cancelations this…
Happy Summer!
We have some first time visitors this summer who requested suggestions for things to do while they are in the area.  Check out our suggestions and share those of your own!

Activity Suggestions

We have an opening in the Log Cabin August 19-September 11, and a week in the West Cabin August 31-Sept 7.  Help us spread the word!

Views from Log Cabin


Views from the West Cabin

Today when I took the pups for a walk I thought I could feel the valley breathe a sigh of relief.  September is here and the frenzy of summer is over for another year.  What a great summer it was though!

I admit to looking forward to the Fall just around the corner while enjoying the beautiful weather we are having now!  The West Cabin is available for rent the month of October this year.  Let us know if you are interested!

The Eclipse!

What a stunning event!  We are so lucky to live here and then to have a total eclipse!  I am also lucky because I continue to avoid thoughts and beliefs set in concrete. 

     Like many I originally succumbed to the worry that the number of people and possible problems were going to be a real pain. But in talking with friends the “grumpy old man attitude” didn’t feel right. Fortunately,I started thinking about who was coming instead of how many.  I realized that they would tend to be well educated, they would be making a meaningful effort to come to a science infused experience, and had to plan prior to the event.  I came around to the fact that “These are my people”. When an Idaho friend mentioned there would be a hippie element involved that just made me repeat “These are my people”!       As No Trespassing signs were going up elsewhere, I mowed an area adjacent to Antelope Flats Road and bought makings for a couple of gallons of Mimosas.  By Monday morning when the Park appeared w…

Summer 2017

Greetings from Antelope Flats! It has been too long since I have posted anything.  I thought I would have more time once the kids were older. Now that they are on their way out of the house... perhaps that time will appear!

This past winter was relentless, with record snow levels and moisture content, especially in February.  It is evident now in the amount of snow still on the Tetons, and how swollen our rivers and creeks are.  But it sure did a great job with the wildflowers!  The valley floor was carpeted with yellows and purples and reds for a month!  They are fading now, but the flowers in the high country are just getting started!
Sunshine and Whiskey have been joining me on daily walks up Ditch creek or Antelope Flats, we spent a couple nights on Jackson Lake (filled to 100 percent capacity!) and Brie and I just returned from a hike to Holly lake with friends.  String lake remains a great spot for a paddle board or a dip in the lake.  The summer is in full swing, and we've g…