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Taggart Creek

The Cross Country Skiing and Snow Shoeing is great in the park. I took this picture on a trip up to Taggart Lake Christmas Eve. So different than the summer. We headed straight to Dornan's afterwards for a "Hot Toddy" and to share our stories of our Bull Moose Encounter. Not a bad way to spend a vacation!

Wonderful Wintery Wyoming

Taken from Kelly, South East from the cabins.
It was 17 below zero, but so beautiful! On days like these we suggest "wearing a house", though it is surprising how warm 0 degrees feels with the sun on you!

Happy New Year!

All of us McReynolds send our wishes for a Happy New Year. Winter is here, and we are looking forward to some good skiing in the weeks to come. We have received quite a lot of snow in the last two days in the mountains - unfortunately it was very wet in the valley, so the driveway is a little slick.
We decided to keep the West Cabin open this winter for the occasional winter guest. We had a couple over Christmas, and a couple more are in for New Years and a couple weeks in February. If you know of anyone who would like to have a winter retreat North of town, have them email!