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Winter in Moose

Just a couple pictures from the last month or so.  We have had pretty consistent snow since the New Year began.   It got deep enough that I began skiing and snowshoeing in the creek, rather than the flats.  All that changed this morning.  We had a icky wet week, with above freezing temps.  But last night it dropped to 25 and the blank fields of snow are now crusted and easy to ski (or run if you are Sunshine). Lyle is busy moving snow and getting ready to put new wood floors down in the living area of the West Cabin.  The basement in the Log Cabin is nearing the painting stage!

I did shovel this window out last week, and the roof slid the next day and we were buried again.  Luckily this is the worst spot, the rest of the windows are still mostly clear. The best way to enjoy the views is from a set of skis or snowshoes, so I won't worry too much about my bedroom view.