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Not a bad life!  Sunshine has enjoyed visiting with all her summer friends, and hopes she meets some new ski partners this winter!  

A taste of Fall in the air!

The Tetons have enjoyed a very warm and surprisingly long Summer.  We lucked out and had some rain in July and August, to cool things down a touch, and keep everything green.  We still haven't had a frost, but I expect one any day.  The days are a little shorter, kids are back in school and the roads and trails are thinning out.  September and October are still great months to visit the Tetons if you are interested in wildlife and scenery and cool sunny days for hiking.  The biggest question this time of year is when are the leaves going to change, and will it be a wonderful show.  They are just beginning to change now. Fingers crossed that it will be a beauty, but I would take a couple more weeks of this weather.  Highs in the low 70s or high 60s, nights that cool to 40, scattered showers and the occasional thunderstorm, with bright blue skies in between! We still have availability for October--  or check out our Winter tab for a taste of the peaceful and breathtaking winter lan…